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 Custom Printed Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Custom printed ceramic tiles for superior UV and scratch resistance. All Ceramic tiles are manufactured in the highest quality. Available in Glossy and Smooth Matte. Ceramic tiles are produced from material clays and minerals into exceptionally reliable finished products. The gloss tiles are perfect for custom printed photo or art on tile. Matte tile is recommended for custom printed tile coasters or a custom printed backsplash. Not recommended for floor or countertop applications.

4.25" x 4.25" $11.90
6" x 6" $16.90
6" x 8" $21.90
8" x 8" $25.90
8" x 10" $28.90
12" x 12" $44.90



Glass Tile For Custom Printing 

Glass Tiles

Custom printing on glass tiles. Strength and beauty are fired together in these tempered glass tiles. Glass tile is resistant to water absorption, chemicals, fading and discoloration. Our beautiful pencil edge, crystal clear glass tiles are ideal for wall mural applications. Perfect for wet environments. Because these tiles are printed from the back you image colors and contrast will look a little softer. Not recommended for floor applications.

4.25" x 4.25" $17.90
6" x 6" $23.90
8" x 8" $35.90





Tuscany Tile For Custom Printing 

Tumbled Stone Tiles

Custom printed stone look tiles. A superior tumbled stone tile. Each tile has a unique surface structure to give you the perfect mediterranean ware look and feel for your single or mosaic tile design. Because of the unique surface texture some areas or tiles might print stronger or more colorful than others and some small areas might just show the tile surface without print. This gives your project the perfect “Old World” look and makes each tile a unique one of a kind product. A beautiful, textured tile with a chiseled-edge. Suitable for wet environments when sealed. Perfect for custom printed tile coasters or custom printed kitchen backsplashes. Not recommended for floor applications.

4" x 4" $13.90
6" x 6" $17.90
8" x 8" $29.90
12" x 12" $45.90